Who was Jay Gatsby?

This is my friend, Jay Gatsby.  Well, he was born James Gatz.  He decided to change his name to Jay Gatsby though.  James Gatz was born in the "Midwest" as he once told me.  That's if you consider San Fransisco the "Midwest".  Also, he proved to me he was an Oxford graduate. 

Jay Gatsby would not be my first choice for a role model, but I had a love hate relationship with the man.  He changed his name to "Jay Gatsby".  I know that Mr. Gatsby may have been involved in illegal activities, and he was stuck in the past.  He did not want to move forward with his life, still being in love with my second cousin, Daisy whom he had not seen in five years before I helped them with their re-encounter of each other.

Gatsby drove a yellow car, kind of like the one pictured to the left.  Yellow was very significant to Gatsby's life.  He certainly not the most innocent man around.  While he was trying to get hitched with Daisy, I believe he was involved with illegal business, likely involving alcohol in this prohibition time period.  Also, he was once said to have "killed a man".  It's kind of ironic that he drives a yellow car now that I think of it.  Yellow is a contaminated color when you think about it. Think about it; yellow snow would be a prime example.  Gatsby is not clean at all. As you can see picture above, he liked to wear white suits.  He tried so hard to look pure on the out side, but really, he was not pure at all.  Also, Gatsby liked wearing pink, kind of strange for a guy.  Pink is a fake color, some people I know even consider it not even being a color at all - it's just a mix of red and white.  Gatsby really was fake.  I still liked him though, I don't know what it was about him.

Gatsby was murdered not long after I met him.  I never really got the chance to know the man all too well, but I feel as if I was the only one there for him to the end.  Just his father, a few servants, and myself attended his funeral.  I also felt bad about it, and wished I could have done more for him.