Gatsby Parties

While Gatsby was living in East Egg, he threw lots of party.  Now, trust me, this is not because he enjoyed throwing parties.  Gatsby hated parties matter of fact! He only threw parties in hopes of meeting Daisy once again.  Talk about a desperate man.

If it were not for his parties, I would have never met him though.  In fact, I was personally invited to one of his parties.  I felt awfully special at the time being.  Of course, I later found out why I was invited.  Gatsby had only had the intention of using me to get Daisy.

One might think I would feel resent on Gatsby for that, but I don't.  I can't explain it. 

Gatsby's parties of course consisted of drinking while prohibition was going on.  They really were fun.  Gatsby had a mansion. 

Gatsby's house was very similar to the one above. It was very inviting to the community.  He even had a pool.  Everyone knew his name, and he was the talk of the city.